• Mite

    Head Coach: Brandon Maxwell

    Assistant Coaches: Dayna Kunkel, Lillian Warner, Lindsay Anthony, Jake Leriget, Salva Palmer, Pat Sheridan

    Team Managers: Kristine Maxwell, Danielle Brandenburg, Vanessa Davis, Amanda Erekson
         EMAIL: mccallmites@gmail.com

  • Squirt

    Head Coach: Dan Murrer

    Assistant Coaches: Joe Standar, Jake Wilson, Dave Egnatz, Brent Sawyer, Brandon Swain(goalie coach)

    Team Managers: Brandi Egnatz, Courtney Moss, Kaili Moss
         email: mccallsquirts@gmail.com

  • PeeWee

    Head Coaches: Dan Nevala(A Team), Mike Dyson(B Team)

    Assistant Coaches: Andy Nachman, Dallas Palmer, Brandon Swain(goalie coach)

    Team Managers: Ricki Drabek
         email: mccallpeeweehockey@gmail.com

  • Bantam

    Head Coach: Mike Dyson

    Assistant Coaches: Greg Tankersley, Brandon Swain(goalie coach)

    Team Managers: Nicki Dyson, Salva Palmer
         email: mccallbantamhockey@gmail.com

  • High School

    Head Coach: John Costa

    Assistant Coaches: Chris Grenda

    Team Managers: Nancy Romero
         email: mccallhighschoolhockey@gmail.com

  • Girls

    Head Coach: Dan Murrer

    Team Managers: Amber Murrer
         EMAIL: amberlmurrer@gmail.com


Coach Dyson gives the game plan.

MYH Coaches Committee oversees the coaching program for all teams with the goal for long-term growth and development of the sport in McCall.  The committee assists the Board of Directors with strategic planning and provides coaches opportunities and resources for education and USA Hockey certification.

Ryan Drabek
Craig Perseo
Mike Dyson
Dallas Palmer
John Costa
Dan Nevala