For a long time the local community has made ice hockey and skating activities happen in McCall. In 1993 MYH's sponsoring organization McCall Ice Skating Association (MISA) was incorporated with non-profit and tax-deductible 501(c)(3) status. At that time hockey teams were playing during the winter outdoors.  Thanks to supporter donations, grants and corporate foundations, on July 2, 2003 the Manchester Ice and Event Centre opened its doors. The indoor ice rink was a game-changer for local hockey.

To this day the local support and participation in the sport has grown in McCall.  McCall Youth Hockey Association rostered 114 athletes and 15 volunteer coaches for the 20/21 season.

It takes a village (and ice) to keep the best game on earth happening year-round for our local youth. MYH is thankful for the people in our village who've made hockey a long-time community tradition and a lifetime sport that begins at age six!

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Thank you Sponsors!

McCall Mountaineers and McCall Select teams are thankful for the businesses who support youth hockey.  Please show patronage to Disaster Response and Orepac. They've invested in our community on and off the ice.